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Multimedia - Community Development Resources

VIDEO | Understanding Small Business Conditions

Small businesses are a vital component of our local and national economies. Watch this video to learn how the Dallas Fed stays informed on small business conditions through community visits, meetings and surveys, such as our Texas Small Business Needs Assessment Poll.

Growing Entrepreneurial Communities

Don't miss this Connecting Communities® webinar, from Nov. 3, 2016, which focused on the emerging field of entrepreneurship-based economic development. Experts provided information from communities that have effectively used entrepreneurship to generate local economic growth. Speakers included Dell Gines, Senior Community Development Advisor, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City; Deborah Markley, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Center for Rural Entrepreneurship; Maria Meyers, Executive Director, KCSourceLink; and Erik Pedersen, Vice President of Entrepreneurship, NetWork Kansas.

Understanding the Small-Business Landscape: Results from the 2015 Small-Business Credit Survey

Interested in data on small business financing conditions? This July 2016 Connecting Communities® webinar features results of a Fed 2015 small-business credit survey (SBCS). Responses provide insight into the dynamics behind aggregate lending trends and shed light on noteworthy segments of the small-business credit market. The survey captures the perspectives of businesses with fewer than 500 employees. Speakers include Claire Kramer, New York Fed; Karen Leone de Nie, Atlanta Fed; and Tammy Halevy, Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO).

Community Development and Policy Studies (CDPS) Update

This blog summarizes responses from the latest survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago’s Community Development and Policy Studies (CDPS) Division regarding credit availability for small businesses and for people with low credit scores seeking mortgage credit.

Dairy Farming in the 21st Century

A decades-long trend is that jobs in manufacturing and other industries have been replaced with robotic equipment and other automation. The trend toward automation on farms is more recent, and is in many ways redefining what it means to work on a farm. This April 2016 Community Development and Policy Studies blog from the Chicago Fed profiles why it made sense for one Wisconsin dairy farm to make a big investment in a new state-of-the-art farm technology.

Small Businesses’ Perceptions and Understanding of Online Alternative Loan Products: Findings from Online Focus Groups

In this Sept. 29, 2015, Connecting Communities® webinar, Fed researchers discuss a recent study they conducted using online focus groups of small-business owners, who provided their perspectives and understanding of the relatively new marketplace for online small-dollar lending to small businesses. Speakers, including Barbara Lipman of the Federal Reserve Board and AnnMarie Wiersch from the Cleveland Fed, shared the findings and possible implications of this study. (Read their report, Alternative Lending through the Eyes of "Mom & Pop" Small-Business Owners: Findings from Online Focus Groups, here.)

Cascade (Summer 2015)

The Summer 2015 edition of Cascade, a publication from the Philadelphia Fed's  Community Studies & Education team, focuses on small businesses and commercial corridors. Specific articles discuss strategies to revitalize commercial corridors, the role of tax incentives in job creation, small business lending trends, a $1 billion transformation in downtown Allentown, Pa., and a research study on an inner-city commercial corridor.

Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Small businesses form the backbone of our nation’s economy and are at the heart of thriving communities. Behind every small business is a dedicated and passionate entrepreneur who has worked tirelessly to start and grow the company. In this 8 from the Eighth podcast, learn from Angela Lewis, city manager for the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship, about how the organization is cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit among middle and high school students living in low- and moderate-income communities.

Key Findings from the Federal Reserve’s 2014 Joint Small Business Credit Survey

Interested in learning about the Fed’s joint small business credit survey? During this Connecting Communities® webinar, from April 30, 2015, members of the survey team discuss its results and present findings that provide insight into the dynamics behind aggregate lending trends. Experts include Claire Kramer Mills, assistant vice president at the New York Fed, and Theresa Singleton, vice president at the Philadelphia Fed.

Economic Gardening: A Homegrown Approach to Growth

How effective are economic development strategies that seek to grow local entrepreneurship and small businesses? Todd Johnson at Gallup and Dell Gines at the Kansas City Fed explore the successes and challenges associated with this approach in this Economic Development podcast from April 2014.


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