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The Early Stages: CDFI Start-Up Issues (Webinar)

A one-hour program on start up issues for community development financial institutions (CDFIs) featuring information on what you should know if you are considering applying for CDFI certification; where CDFIs can look for resources when capitalizing their funds; and advice from experienced CDFI leaders on what they found most important in their early years of operation. Presenters range from the United States Department of Treasury’s CDFI Fund to experienced CDFI leaders who will reflect on their early stages of growth.

CDFI Resources

A web page from the Minneapolis Fed for individuals and organizations that want to connect with and learn more about community development financial institutions, or CDFIs. Featuring CDFI-related news, a timeline illustrating the history of the CDFI industry, an archive of relevant articles and reports, and more.

CDFI Resources

Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFIs) are specialized financial institutions operating in markets that are underserved by traditional financial institutions. This section of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's website provides information on CDFIs, with a particular focus on the Southeast region of the U.S. In addition, it includes a dedicated section on CDFI banks, also known as Community Development Banks (CDBs). Resources include webinars, data tables, reports, regulations, etc.

Mass CDFI Recertification Push Winnows List, Ensures Compliance

A 2013 mandate from the U.S. Treasury resulted in a reduced but focused pool of community development financial institutions. From the April 2014 issue of Community Dividend, a publication of the Minneapolis Fed.

Minnesota CDFI Network Concept Paper

This May 2013 paper by the Minneapolis Fed and partners is a discussion of the context and potential benefits of forming a statewide CDFI network in Minnesota. Featuring comments from Minnesota CDFI practitioners, recommendations for next steps, and information about established national and state-level CDFI networks.

Does the CDFI Fund Help Low-Income Borrowers?

What is the impact of the CDFI Fund on institutions that receive funding, and what is the return on investment? In this Economic Commentary, Cleveland Fed economist Kristle Cortés and Harvard Business School professor Josh Lerner evaluate the Fund’s core program. Examining 10 years of propriety data provided by the US Treasury, they measured the increase in lending at credit unions that received grants, those that applied but did not receive grants, and those that never applied. Their results show that CDFI Fund grants do increase lending, by 3 percent. And for every dollar awarded, 45 cents is loaned out to borrowers in the first year and up to $1.60 is loaned out within three years.


Strengthening the role of Native CDFIs: A conversation with Gerald Sherman of the Native CDFI Network

Community Dividend asks Gerald Sherman, interim CEO of the Native Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) Network, for his insights on the past, present, and future of the Native CDFI sector. From the January 2015 issue of Community Dividend, a publication of the Minneapolis Fed.

Growth and Performance of the Native CDFI Loan Fund Sector, 2001–2012

This new Community Development Report from the Minneapolis Fed suggests that loan funds serving Native communities grew significantly in number and asset size from 2001 through 2012 and have generally posted fairly positive financial ratios.

Accessing Investment Capital through the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program

This Connecting Communities® webinar, hosted on Feb. 18, 2016, discusses the practical “nuts and bolts” of accessing the CDFI Bond Guarantee Program, an innovative federal initiative that offers creditworthy certified CDFIs access to affordable long-term capital. Learn how this unique program incentivizes and empowers CDFIs to execute large-scale projects. Speakers include Lisa Jones, CDFI Fund, U.S. Department of the Treasury; Douglas Bystry, Clearinghouse CDFI; and Jennifer Novak, Community Reinvestment Fund.

Weathering the Great Recession: A CDFI Case Study in Patient Capital

This working paper from the San Francisco Fed looks at the lending performance of one CDFI, the Low Income Investment Fund (LIIF), through the Great Recession. Its authors argue that LIIF’s success weathering the downturn—relative to similarly-sized banks—is the direct result of a “patient capital” approach to portfolio management unique to the CDFI industry. 


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