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Tools - Community Development Resources

Weathering the Storm

This new publication from the Dallas Fed explores recovery efforts in the wake of recent natural disasters across the United States. It presents guidance on how financial institutions can help advance disaster recovery in low- and moderate-income communities and meet their obligations under the Community Reinvestment Act.

Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Opportunities for Promoting Job Creation, Workforce Development, and Place-Based Investment

This report summarizes innovative activities from banks’ Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance evaluations in the areas of job creation, education and workforce development, and transportation and affordable housing. By providing real-world examples of situations in which banks received CRA credit in these areas, we hope other banks will consider pursuing similar opportunities in the areas they serve for which they can receive CRA consideration, thus promoting economic growth and prosperity in these communities.

CRA OneSource

CRA OneSource is your source for Community Reinvestment Act tools, templates, guides, webinars and other resources to assist you in preparing for an exam and growing your community development program.

Searching for More Impact: Impact Data on Banks for the Big Picture

This article profiles “BankImpact,” a dynamic online tool that helps identify high-impact banks in Chicago that serve as anchors in underserved communities.  Created by National Community Investment Fund (NCIF), BankImpact can help provide the data necessary to inform and attract impact investors and help banks better understand and contextualize their (own) performance.

Community Development Data Inventory

Recently updated, the Community Development Data Inventory is a collection of timely and publicly available data sources for those engaged in community development work. This tool highlights resources that can inform key community development issues and research needs, including demographics, the economy and jobs, housing, and education. For each resource, the guide includes an overview of the data, a description of the methodology and accompanying variables, links to training guides and additional information, and a few illustrations of the resources themselves.

Understanding Community Development Needs through the Performance Context

Robust community development research, or performance context, is an important part of the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) examination process, as it identifies needs and opportunities that exist within LMI neighborhoods and creates a framework for evaluating a bank’s performance in meeting community needs. This Connecting Communities webinar from December 2014  provides useful information about the performance context—what it means and why it matters—from both a regulator's and a banker's perspective.

Community Development Data Guidebook

The Community Development Data Guidebook, published by the San Francisco Fed, provides information on a variety of community development data resources, divided by topic area, along with a practical application of how to retrieve the data and suggestions on how to conduct appropriate analysis.

A Banker's Quick Reference Guide to CRA

The Dallas Fed provides a quick reference guide to the Community Reinvestment Act regulation and examination procedures.

Is Home Maintenance Contagious? Evidence from Boston

In disadvantaged neighborhoods, the condition of the housing stock can vary from block to block. On one block, homes appear well kept and in good condition, while on another, many homes show signs of physical distress. Since the blocks within the same neighborhood are often similar in terms of home values, what accounts for this pattern? And is there any contagion effect of home maintenance? Researchers at the Boston Fed examine this issue in several Boston neighborhoods in this report.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery Exhibit

A physical and online exhibit, “What Does the Fed Do? 100 Years Serving as the Nation’s Central Bank” provides, among other unique features, an intriguing brochure on Fed history, the original painting of President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act and a giant freestanding map of all the Federal Reserve districts made from shredded money. Check it out online, or in person at the Boston Fed.


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