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Holistic community development - Tools

Bank’s Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) Opportunities for Promoting Job Creation, Workforce Development, and Place-Based Investment

This report summarizes innovative activities from banks’ Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) performance evaluations in the areas of job creation, education and workforce development, and transportation and affordable housing. By providing real-world examples of situations in which banks received CRA credit in these areas, we hope other banks will consider pursuing similar opportunities in the areas they serve for which they can receive CRA consideration, thus promoting economic growth and prosperity in these communities.

CRA OneSource

CRA OneSource is your source for Community Reinvestment Act tools, templates, guides, webinars and other resources to assist you in preparing for an exam and growing your community development program.

Is Home Maintenance Contagious? Evidence from Boston

In disadvantaged neighborhoods, the condition of the housing stock can vary from block to block. On one block, homes appear well kept and in good condition, while on another, many homes show signs of physical distress. Since the blocks within the same neighborhood are often similar in terms of home values, what accounts for this pattern? And is there any contagion effect of home maintenance? Researchers at the Boston Fed examine this issue in several Boston neighborhoods in this report.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Gallery Exhibit

A physical and online exhibit, “What Does the Fed Do? 100 Years Serving as the Nation’s Central Bank” provides, among other unique features, an intriguing brochure on Fed history, the original painting of President Woodrow Wilson signing the Federal Reserve Act and a giant freestanding map of all the Federal Reserve districts made from shredded money. Check it out online, or in person at the Boston Fed.

Data and Mapping Resources

A compilation of links to select data sources and mapping tools are available here. PolicyMap’s web-based mapping tool, Map Your Community, is one of the resources provided. Users can create, customize and print maps of communities, counties and states using a select number of economic and demographic indicators.

Map Your Community

Visualize key economic and demographic data with the Kansas City Fed's new interactive web-based mapping tool. Overlay 31 different data indicators onto maps of your community. Users can also watch a video tutorial to learn how to identify geographies, select points, create a map and share a map.

Healthy Communities: A Framework for Meeting CRA Obligations

The Dallas Fed provides this roadmap of best practices in community development and a healthy communities framework that highlights investments valuable to financial institutions and their target communities. Also included is a list of CRA reference guides and a useful template for a Bank's performance context.


Working Cities Challenge

Together with Living Cities, the Boston Fed launched a unique challenge to smaller industrial cities in the Northeast: Expand collaborative leadership that leads to a comprehensive city vision and cross-sectoral partnerships. Cities competed for grant monies to fund their ideas. Learn more about the Working Cities Challenge -- which cities' bold platforms are being funded, and how might their futures, and those of their residents, be improved.


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