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Community development finance - Featured

Nonprofit Co-location and Opportunities for Community Development Financial Institutions

This white paper produced by the St. Louis Fed focuses on the benefits of nonprofit co-location, the unique position of CDFIs to partner with these facilities, and how co-location is happening in the U.S. The research was presented at the Bank’s Social Purpose Real Estate Regional Conference; materials and videos from the event are available here.

REGISTER NOW | 2017 Policy Summit on Housing, Human Capital, and Inequality

With the theme “Transforming Regional Economies: Growth and Equity through Policy and Practice,” this year’s Policy Summit on June 22–23 in Cleveland will highlight the latest research and practitioner innovations in community and economic development in urban and rural regions. Sessions will explore poverty and inequality, entrepreneurship and jobs, the critical role of anchor institutions, health outcomes in urban and rural areas, and the opioid crisis, to name a few. Engaging speakers and opportunities to expand your network and learn from a few hundred attendees are great reasons to attend.

Federal Reserve Community Development Perspectives

Ever wonder about the Federal Reserve’s involvement in the field of community development? Wonder no more. Released in June 2014, Federal Reserve Community Development Perspectives: A summary of activities, insights, and future opportunities answers the "what," "why" and "how" of the Fed's role in community development. The report highlights the Fed’s recent efforts to address barriers to economic growth, and promote fair and informed access to financial markets. Featuring brief summaries of its community development work organized into four focus areas--people, place, the policy and practice of community development, and small business--the report includes background information that helps to provide context for this work, a sampling of key research, outreach programs and other initiatives, as well as some ideas on future challenges, needs and opportunities.


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