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Foreclosure mitigation - Tools

12th District County Profiles

The 12th District County Profiles, published by the San Francisco Fed, provide valuable information on the various labor-market, housing, and economic development issues impacting communities throughout the nine western states. More counties will be added in future rounds of profiles, so check back often to see if your community is featured!

Credit Conditions by Neighborhood Income: The Picture in Massachusetts

This report from the Boton Fed describes credit conditions in Massachusetts in low- and moderate-income and middle- and high-income census tracts using a unique and nationally representative database of all individuals who have a credit history. The analysis highlights the differences in the percentage of individuals with credit accounts, median balances, monthly payments, delinquency rates, and credit scores in 2006 and 2012.

Is Home Maintenance Contagious? Evidence from Boston

In disadvantaged neighborhoods, the condition of the housing stock can vary from block to block. On one block, homes appear well kept and in good condition, while on another, many homes show signs of physical distress. Since the blocks within the same neighborhood are often similar in terms of home values, what accounts for this pattern? And is there any contagion effect of home maintenance? Researchers at the Boston Fed examine this issue in several Boston neighborhoods in this report.

Foreclosure Resource Center

The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond's Foreclosure Resource Center provides a comprehensive list of both national and local foreclosure prevention information, resources and data.

Seventh Federal Reserve District Foreclosure Rate Graphs

The Foreclosure Rate Graphs show trends in foreclosure start and transition rates in the largest counties in each state in the Seventh Federal Reserve District. These five counties include the cities of Chicago (Cook County), Detroit (Wayne County), Indianapolis (Marion County), Milwaukee (Milwaukee County), and Des Moines (Polk County).

Chicago Fed's Foreclosure Maps

The Chicago Fed’s Community Development and Policy Studies Department (CDPS) has developed a series of maps to identify areas in the Seventh Federal Reserve District facing the highest rates of foreclosure and mortgage delinquency. The maps show county-level data as of October 2013 for each of the five states in the District (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin) as well as zipcode-level data for the largest county in each state.

Regional Mortgage Conditions

An interactive tool, this Regional Mortgage Conditions map presents analysis of housing market conditions in the tri-state (NY, NJ, and CT) region from January 2007 to the present. Zip code level data are available for New York City, Long Island, and parts of northern New Jersey. Users can view the graphical analysis on a county-by-county basis and watch an animated timeline of how mortgage conditions changed during that period. The interactive map provides information about the percentage of loans in foreclosure, as well as those that are 60 days and 90 days or more delinquent.


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