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Foreclosure mitigation - Multimedia

Virginia: Highlights from Abingdon

This article highlights the 8th consecutive gathering of the Appalachian Funders Network (AFN). Foundations and grant makers met in Central Appalachia to participate in a working meeting about aligning their investment resources.

Housing Market Conditions Report

Housing market conditions continued to improve during the first quarter of 2015 across the seven states that comprise the Fed’s Eighth Federal Reserve District, according to the St. Louis Fed’s Housing Market Conditions report. The quarterly report provides a snapshot of conditions in the U.S. and in the Eighth District states and MSAs. This webpage features the latest report, and an archive of past reports.

Spotlight on the Fed’s Community Development Work and a Discussion of Promising Opportunities for the Field

Learn more about the latest trends in community development in this one-hour Connecting Communities® webinar, held on July 10, 2014. National experts discuss ways the Federal Reserve promotes community development, and point to promising approaches and useful industry resources.

2014 National Interagency Community Reinvestment Conference

This conference is the premier training and networking event for community development professionals, including CRA officers, CDFIs, nonprofits and government officials. The 2014 program featured a keynote presentation by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen; innovations in community development policy and practice; CRA examination training; the National Community Development Lending School; and Community development tours of Chicago. Click to watch videos of keynotes, select sessions, and attendee interviews.

Addressing the Credit Impacts of Foreclosure

This Connecting Communities session, hosted by the San Francisco Fed, discusses the issues faced by households and communities after foreclosure with an emphasis on tools for rebuilding credit. Experts discuss the multifaceted process of foreclosure recovery and the impact on credit scores, and provide insight into the credit counseling industry and tools available to address credit rebuilding.

Independent Foreclosure Review: What You Need to Know

Thousands of homeowners that were in foreclosure in 2009 or 2010 were eligible for compensation or other remedy due to foreclosure errors.During this 2012 Connecting Communities audioconference, presenters provided an overview of the Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR) agreement, including who was eligible and how to request a review. Additional information was provided to homeowners who might be eligible for a review, as well as resources for housing counselors

Independent Foreclosure Review: Important Changes

This Connecting Communities audioconference, hosted by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, provides additional details on the $9.3 Billion payment agreement reached in 2013 with thirteen mortgage servicers subject to the Independent Foreclosure Review (IFR).  As a result of the agreement, participating servicers replaced the IFR with a broader framework allowing eligible borrowers to receive compensation more quickly.

Eighth District Housing Market Update

Presenters for this Exploring Innovation in Community Development audioconference discussed the outlook for the economy, housing markets and mortgage performance in the Eighth Federal Reserve District and the nation. They take a detailed look at home prices, mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures, and described the necessary conditions for these markets to stabilize. Produced in November 2012.

The Central Premise

From the nation’s central bank comes a team of bloggers with a central premise: The Fed works toward the economic well-being of all. Join us for a discussion of what’s going on in our economy and our communities. Share your thoughts within the reply section of the blog hosted by the Boston Fed. We want to hear from you.

Housing Market and Mortgage Conditions in the Ninth District

View current trends in mortgage performance, mortgage originations, and home prices in the Ninth Federal Reserve District and nationwide. This web page from the Minneapolis Fed features graphs, maps, and synopses based on data from two major mortgage-tracking firms, plus an archive of housing-related articles and research.


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