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Welcome to, your gateway to community development resources from all 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

Why is the Fed engaged in community development? Because stable communities promote stable regions and a more robust economy overall. Through applied research, public programs, outreach and technical assistance, the Fed’s community development departments help promote economic growth and financial stability in communities across the country, especially those in low- and moderate-income areas. Regional Reserve Banks, while connected in this shared mission, are uniquely poised to develop programs that respond to the local needs of their districts.

Regardless of your geographic location, experience or sector, provides an array of practical resources to help you in your role as a community development professional, whether your work involves supporting people, places, the policy and practice of community development or small-business development.

We hope you find the site useful. For additional information on the community development work and events in your area, we urge you to visit the web sites of your Federal Reserve office, using the links provided at the bottom of this site. Please click here to return to the home page.

To learn more about our community development activities in low- and moderate-income communities across the country, click here to view Federal Reserve Community Development Perspectives: A summary of activities, insights, and future opportunities. provides Federal Reserve resources to community development practitioners working in policy and the field. Materials accessed through this portal reside on the web sites of the respective Fed offices and are the property of each owner and author. The views and opinions expressed in resources and other content on this portal are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the position of any individual Federal Reserve Bank, the Federal Reserve Board of Governors or the Federal Reserve System. The materials are intended for informational purposes and are not binding on the Federal Reserve System.

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